Path to Ph.D.

University of Southampton

In 2013, I completed a very successful Masters of Research degree at the University of Southampton. My research project, conducted in Sweden in collaboration with GEOMAR, has so far resulted in one co-authored publication. Meanwhile, a second manuscript, on which I am first author, is currently in review. During my studentship at Southampton, my tutor Dr. Sven Thatje came to understand my strong work ethic and academic style. Once funding became available in early 2014, he made me an offer to propose my own Ph.D. project.

Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences, Eilat

A few weeks previous to this offer, I participated in workshop in Israel led by Prof. Maoz Fine. At the end of this workshop, Maoz offered me the possibility of conducting Ph.D. research under his supervision.

Joint M.Phil/ Ph.D. collaboration

As the funding and supervision (and my family) were in Southampton and outstanding facilities for coral research in Israel, I saw the opportunity for a productive collaboration.

With the addition of another supervisor at Southampton, Dr. Cecilia D’Angelo, a proposal was written. I registered as a University of Southampton funded student, with Maoz as a co-supervisor. This granted me access to world class facilities in the field. I excitedly began my M.Phil./ Ph.D. studentship in October 2014, returning to Eilat in May 2015 for my first season‘s pilot experiments.

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The initiation of a new era – Sunrise over the Jordanian mountains viewed from the IUI, Eilat