Fluorescence Microscopy NERC Course

NERC Advanced Training Course – Fluorescence Microscopy 

The National Environmental Research Council in the UK (NERC) supplies grants to research groups to fund short, advanced training courses. During my internship at Essex University, I had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Philippe Laissue  who specialises in fluorescence imaging and heads a fantastically well-equipped lab. He taught me the principals of confocal and widefield imaging and how to integrate these tools into the micro-scale study of coral biology. Dr. Laissue secured a NERC training course grant and invited me to attend his three-day workshop alongside other Ph.D. students.

The short course provided further training in the use of fluorescence microscopy, staining techniques, and micro- Pulse Amplitude Modulation measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence that I have since applied to my own research in Eilat. In addition, the course taught publication-standard image processing and analysis techniques.

NERC course fluorescence microscopy jessica bellworthy coral

Course participants and instructors