These short articles aim to provide deeper insights into my research experiences and academic progression. It is a diary tracing my journey to where I am today.

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jessica Bellworthy cruise coral irish ground fish marine institute

December 2016 Irish Groundfish Research Cruise


Jessica Bellworthy Blog teaching coral

November 2016 Teaching – “Biology of Corals” Course


Jessica Bellworthy coral phd conference Hawaii ICRS

June 2016 13th International Coral Reef Symposium


jessica bellworthy coral juvenile reproduction phd eilat stylophora pistillata

May 2016 Second reproductive season, Eilat, Israel


jessica bellworthy gametes SECORE blog curacao coral reproduction

September 2015 SExual COral REproduction Workshop


Stylophora pistillata jessica bellworthy coral reproduction

June 2015 First Coral Reproductive Season, Eilat, Israel


jessica bellworthy blog essex university microscopy coral fluorescence NERC course

November 2014 Fluorescence microscopy course


jessic bellworthy coral phd eilat southampton diving SCUBA

September 2014 Path to Ph.D.


Gran canaria ocean acidification mesocosm jessica bellworthy blog KOSMOS BIOACID

April 2014 BIOACID Ocean Acidification Project, Gran Canaria


jessica bellworthy coral workshop ocean acidification eilat israel maoz fine

December 2013 Ocean Acidification Workshop


university of essex coral reef research unit jessica bellworthy microscopy internship

November 2013 University of Essex Internship


jessica bellworthy ocean acidification KOSMOS Sweden Southampton GEOMAR masters

June 2013 Masters project – Gullmar Fjord, Sweden


HEPCA Jessica Bellworthy Red Sea Dolphin Project Egypt diving blog

June 2012 Red Sea Dolphin Project

Jessica Bellworthy Swansea University degree first class project thesis undergraduate

September 2011 Undergraduate Project, Marsa Alam, Egypt