Jessica Bellworthy: Bar Ilan University | Tropical Coral Ph.D. Student

My passion is studying the interactions between tropical coral reef ecology and climate change. I am currently a Ph.D. student at Bar Ilan University, Israel, conducting my experiments in Prof. Maoz Fine’s Lab in Eilat, Israel. I’m exploring ecophysiology during the early life history of corals and how the maternal environment affects offspring fitness in the face of climate change.

Jessica Bellworthy coral phd eilat

Jessica before a dive in Eilat. Photo – Marcos Schonholz

I completed a Masters of Research at the University of Southampton, UK. I subsequently participated in two ocean acidification research expeditions to Sweden and Gran Canaria with GEOMAR’s KOSMOS team. Prior to this, I graduated from a B.Sc Marine Biology with First Class Honours from Swansea University. My dissertation assessing the function of green fluorescent proteins in corals won the award for best project.

I am a founding member of the Student Committee for the International Society for Reef Studies. I am currently serving as co-chair, as well as maintaining my previous roles in the Communication and Outreach divisions.

I am a highly motivated and hands-on marine scientist. I most enjoy and have experience with interdisciplinary, international, collaborative projects in challenging environments.